March 18th, 2016

What Has Riley Suhan Been Up To?

What’s up Mountain Sledder! I’ll start this of with a little background on what happened at the end of last season. On April 7th 2015, while filming for 509’s volume 10, I injured myself on a jump in Revelstoke. Coming up short after sessioning a fun hit, I hyper-extended my knee on impact, completely tearing my ACL. It was a reality that was hard to chew, knowing I had some work ahead of me, but I knew I’d be back in no time and chomping at the bit. I am thankful that it happened near the end of the season and I that I didn’t have to miss too much.

RIley Suhan

The jump that took out my knee filming for 509’s Volume 10.

On July 17th I went under the knife and had my ACL rebuilt and started the healing process all over again. I was told it would take 6 months minimum of recovery to be back to feeling good again. I began my road to recovery with a religious schedule of physiotherapy and working my way into riding mountain bikes, putting on as many miles as I could handle. Once I was able to cycle each day, healing started to progress significantly faster.

But for W2015/2016, my season couldn’t have started off any better. I picked up my new rig in October, a 2016 Arctic Cat m8000 Limited from Phil Wild at Mountain’s Edge in Sundre, AB. This thing is sick! Not being able to ride yet, I brought her home to the stable and started making her mine. GGB exhaust, ECDcustoms wrap and gave her the name #GalaxyCat. Next came CFR controls, and she became a weapon ready to dominate the hills.

My new 206 Arctic Cat M8000 Limited from Mountain's Edge, Sundre AB.

My new 206 Arctic Cat M8000 Limited from Mountain’s Edge, Sundre AB.

All set with my Snowpulse pack, 509 swag, and wicked new Strikt Gear, I was off for the first ride of the year. It was mid-November and conditions were amazing. Testing out my knee and breaking in the new Cat couldn’t have gone any better. I may—or may not—have listened 100% to the doctors recommended healing time to get back at it, but I was “taking it easy” and my knee felt surprisingly good. I continued rehabbing my knee and riding on my days off and have seen some great progress.

The first ride of the year was amazing to say the least!

The first ride of the year was amazing to say the least!

I have been doing a lot more technical tree riding this year and pushing the cat to see where I can get stuck next. But getting stuck has been a hard thing to do with the 3” lug, that thing truly works. #GalaxyCat just keeps on clawing.

#GalaxyCat! ECD Customs wrap.

#GalaxyCat! ECD Customs wrap.

I’ve mostly been riding around my hometown Golden, as we’ve had some great conditions. I’ve also made a trip to Revelstoke and another to Sicamous to see how the snow is at the neighbour’s, and I always come back blown away. Even though I have some of the greatest terrain right in my backyard, I honestly love going on those long sled trips with some buddies, exploring new zones and meeting new people. It’s always an amazing time, no matter what happens.


The rig.

Now in March, I am riding with confidence in my knee again. I’m out pushing again and ready for some big airs. My slow start has allowed me to get friendly with my new ride and I’m feeling at home again back in the hills. This year we have had some amazing conditions and now is the time to start taking advantage of them. My plan is to get out riding as much as I can. I have some cool goals for this spring that I would like to see myself achieve, but everyone is just going to have to wait to see what they might be 😉 We will also be putting together another segment for 509 Films’ Volume 11 this spring. And, of course, later on we will be getting together with the 509 crew to do some fancy maneuvers on our snow scooters for the bird in the air!

TGFG Photo

TGFG Photo

It’s been a great feeling going from being stuck on the couch to back jumping and riding normally again so quickly. I am sure lots of riders can relate to injuries and returning to their sport; so here’s to coming back harder and stronger! Remember to stay safe, stay positive, and give’r shit!

Huge thank you to everyone who has been supporting us snowmobilers and following my own personal progression with the sport! Thanks for tuning in with me!

Mountain’s Edge Arctic Cat, 509, Strikt Gear Company, ECD Customs, Highmark by Snowpulse, Cheetah Factory Racing, GGB Exhaust, M-Line Sled Decks, Mt. 7 Lodges.



To stay updated on what I’m doing on my sled check out my instagram: @rsuhan or my new website

My new website!

My new website!

– Riley