June 19th, 2016

Young Buck: Ryan Law

Ryan Law
16 year old Ryan Law

16 year old Ryan Law

Where are you from?
Castlegar, BC.

How old are you?
16 years old.

Main sled: 2014 Ski Doo Summit X equipped with Z Broz EXIT shocks, Cheetah Factory Racing handlebars, HTR wrap, MBRP can.
Sled for climbing: 2013 Ski Doo Summit X with a Silber Turbo, B&M Fabrications running boards.

How long have you been sledding?
This winter will be my 6th season.

What’s your favorite style of riding?
I am definitely more focused on jumping and drops but I like all types of riding and want to do more hillclimbing, as well as go bigger this upcoming season.

Ryan Law, crackin' the whip!

Ryan Law, crackin’ the whip!

You were featured in Hickshow Productions’ Followcam 6 and Thunderstruck 14. How did you get into the sled films?
I went to a local riding clinic put on by the Hickshow crew and they said I don’t need to be in a clinic, I could just ride with them whenever. I started riding with them after that and learned a lot.  Eventually I started filming with them and became part of their crew. For Thunderstruck I met them in Revy when the Hickshow Crew went to ride there and I was fortunate enough for them to feature me in the movie.

What are your goals with the sport?
My goals are to have as much fun as I can and to constantly push my own riding to keep getting better and better.

Klim, Z broz, HTR Designs, B&M Fabrications, Silber Turbos, and Cheetah Factory Racing.


Let 'er buck, young 'un!

Let ‘er buck, young ‘un!



– MS