Avalanche Canada Presentations at Sled Shows Focus on Close Calls
October 11th, 2017

Avalanche Canada Presentations at Sled Shows Focus on Close Calls

Due to an overwhelming number of close calls involving snowmobilers last season, Avalanche Canada presentations at snowmobile shows this fall will focus on the lessons learned from sledders who are fortunate to be alive. The intent of re-telling these stories is not only to examine the mistakes made, but highlight avalanche awareness and introduce available resources to help ensure safe backcountry sledding.

Avalanche Canada Presentations Focus on Close Calls

These free presentations will be available at the following snowmobile shows:

  • Alberta Snowmobile & Powersports Show – Edmonton, Oct 13-15, 2017
  • Sask Snow Show – Saskatoon, Nov 3-5, 2017
  • BC Snow Show – Vernon, Nov 24-25, 2017


In addition to the snowmobile shows, Avalanche Canada will also be conducting a number of Backcountry Avalanche Workshops covering the same theme. Our goal is to hold these workshops in communities in central and northern Alberta. Although dates and locations have not been confirmed yet, Avalanche Canada hopes to present in Fort McMurray as well as Edmonton and surrounding area. Stay tuned for the official Backcountry Avalanche Workshop schedule coming soon to avalanche.ca.

If you sled in the backcountry—take advantage of these helpful, free, pre-season information sessions to ensure a safe and fun-filled winter.


— Mary Clayton, Communications Director, Avalanche Canada