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Mountain Sledder | November 16, 2018

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Timbersled?? | Mountain Sledder

| On 22, Nov 2013

I want to know everyone’s thoughts, from a sledder perspective, what they think about Timbersled Mountain Horse Kits!  I know we just brought some into the shop and they are getting crazy hype, and to be honest they look really freakin cool!!  Is it the next big thing or is it simply another thing to do on snow…??  I’ve heard it compared to the introduction of snowboards to the ski world.  By this I mean it wasn’t received well, because the ski industry was too proud.  I think people seem to be open to it, but we seem to get mixed reviews at the shop.
People are comparing sleds to it and I think it can’t be done.  It think it is a tool all of it’s own…
Let us know what you think!

Boosted bikes doesn’t look so uncool either…. haha

Check them out online at http://www.timbersled.com/index.htm


Aaron Bernasconi says:

I’m about to build one on a 2014 YZ 450f this week…. I can’t wait to try it out!!

Paul Latimer says:

I think it is the next big thing. I love my timbersled. Riding is smooth and effortless. I sold my sled and won’t ride anything else.

I was sold after seeing tracks that went where I knew I could not go on my sled. I took a short demo ride and bought it on the spot. I have it on a 500 KTM. I had never driven a dirt bike before.