Polaris Stop Ride/Stop Sale Repair Fix Ready | Mountain Sledder
October 13th, 2022

Polaris Stop Ride/Stop Sale Repair Fix Ready

Polaris announced today that their Stop Ride/Stop Sale repair fix has been validated and is ready to be implemented by dealers.

Polaris has announced a validated fix for the Stop Ride/Stop Sale notice issued at the end of August, 2022, which affected model year 2021-2023 MATRYX, 2015-2022 AXYS, and select model year 2013-2014 Trail Performance (Pro-Ride) snowmobiles. Dealers have now received the repair instructions and training materials.

To help ensure all dealers have access to repair kits as Polaris ramps up service repairs, the manufacturer will be allocating repair kit shipments. Dealers will start receiving kits as soon as next week and will continue to receive allocated repair kit shipments regularly as the Polaris team continues to kit repair parts as they receive them from their suppliers.

Polaris is asking its snowmobile customers to now contact their dealer to schedule a free repair for the issue.

The fix has also been implement on model year 2023 Polaris SnowCheck snowmobiles. The manufacturer has now resumed shipment of the new units to dealerships.

We deeply appreciate our owners and dealers for their patience as we have focused on finalizing the repair for this stop ride/stop sale. Our team has been working tirelessly on this solution so our owners can have confidence in their sleds, get on the snow and enjoy the best season of the year.
– Jenny Nack, Vice President and General Manager of Polaris Snowmobiles

Polaris is asking snowmobile owners impacted by the Stop Ride/Stop Sale notice to not ride the affected vehicles until the repair has been completed by a Polaris-authorized dealer.

If the snowmobile must be started in order to transport the vehicle to the dealer for the repair, Polaris is asking customers to ensure that the fuel tank is full, and if it is not, to fill it with fresh gasoline.

A FAQ on the issue and repair can be found on the Polaris website.


– MS


October 13, 2022: This story has been updated to clarify that Polaris will be allocating repair kit shipments to dealers. An earlier version stated that dealers would have the ability to order repair kits.