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March 28th, 2022

Riley Suhan Backcountry Race April 2, 2022

After a two year hiatus, the Riley Suhan Backcountry Race is back for 2022, taking place near Golden, British Columbia on April 2.

It’s great to see community-based snowmobile events like the Riley Suhan Backcountry Race, hosted by the Golden Snowmobile Club, becoming a normal occurrence again this spring. Although, there’s nothing “normal” about this backcountry race!

After only two runnings (in 2018 and 2019), this unique race event has quickly gained a reputation for a great time on snow for participants and spectators alike.

The concept is fairly simple—random teams of four racers are assigned, and each participant is timed around a single, diverse lap consisting of trees, open meadows, hills, table and rhythm sections and plenty of whoops. The team with the best overall time wins!

Riley Suhan Backcountry Race course layout

The course layout for the 2019 race

For the organizers, pulling the event off successfully is a little more complex. There is an army of volunteers on hand to help layout the course markers, organize and time the racers, direct spectators, provide safety for all participants and keep everyone fed and entertained for the entire event.

Riley Suhan Backcountry Race _-8
Riley Suhan Backcountry Race _-4
Riley Suhan Backcountry Race _-6

Check out a 509 webisode of the first running of the Suhan Race, below:

For an insider’s look at the second running of the event, check out our story, “A Knife to a Gun Fight”

Fun for Racers and Spectators Alike

In order to foster an open and inviting environment for all racers and event-goers, the Riley Suhan Backcountry Race does things a little differently.

First, unlike most snowmobile racing events, the Suhan Backcountry Race is a ‘run whatcha brung’ event, with no snowmobile class divisions. Everyone races in the same open category!

The race host himself, Riley Suhan, making quick work of a meadows section

Another element that separates this event from most forms of racing is the team aspect. The teams of four are randomly assigned, which helps place focus on the social and community aspects of the event rather than an individual pursuit—which is typical for most racing events.

For everyone else, admission is free (with trail fee) and spectators have the opportunity to ride around and view the race up close from many different perspectives.

For spectators, the race can be enjoyed from many different points with up close views of the action

There’s just as much to get excited about for spectators as there is for racers at the Riley Suhan Backcountry event. Music, food and entertainment back at the cabin area keep spirits high throughout the day.

Registrations quickly sold out for the 2022 race, which speaks to the popularity of this event. However, there is no limit on spectators and others who just want to come to enjoy the atmosphere and watch some entertaining race action.

Riley Suhan Backcountry Race _-10
Riley Suhan Backcountry Race _-11
Riley Suhan Backcountry Race _

Riley Suhan Backcountry Race 2022

Here are some of the details of this year’s event:

  • The bib draw and rider meeting takes place on Friday, April 1 at 7 pm at Mountain Motorsports in Golden, BC
  • Riders sign in at the Quartz Creek riding area cabin at 9 am on Saturday morning (April 2)
  • A course preview lap takes place at 10 am for all racers
  • Racing begins at 11 am and is finished by 2 pm
  • The awards and after party takes place at the Bear and Bone in Golden at 7 pm

For more details, check out the post on the SledGolden website. See you there!

– MS

Riley Suhan Backcountry Race _-2
A racer lines up at the starting line of the Riley Suhan Backcounty Race in 2019
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