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Riley Suhan Backcountry Race April 2, 2022

After a two year hiatus, the Riley Suhan Backcountry Race is back for 2022, taking place near Golden, BC on April 2.

Riley Suhan Invitational 2018 Backcountry Race Recap

Forty-four riders came, conquered and celebrated the inaugural Riley Suhan Invitational backcountry race event this past weekend. Here are the results.

Riley Suhan Invitational Backcountry Race at Quartz Creek, Golden BC April 7

In the inaugural Riley Suhan Invitational backcountry race, teams of four will compete on a course that includes climbs, jumps and technical tree sections.

Quartz Creek Cabin Renovation

Big things happened last summer in Quartz Creek near Golden BC, as the Golden Snowmobile Club’s day-use cabin saw a large renovation. The GSC, which successfully applied for a grant from the…

Why The Golden Snowmobile Club Should Run Canada

I think we can ban guided grizzly bear hunting and capitalize on the Saskatchewan seal hunt. There aren’t any seals in Saskatchewan you say? That’s fine, exotic big game hunters will pay…

Golden Westbench Trail

Three years after the initial bid, and many more in the planning, the Province of BC has recently approved the Golden Snowmobile Trail Society’s (GSTS) proposal for the West Bench Trail. The…